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Related article: known in thought. why not say, "I found the truth," instead of " I have found a truth " Do not say ".. I found the way to Alma " Say rather," I have met the soul walking in my path. " n for the soul of all roads. The soul is not in line, even that grow like a reed. The soul unfolds like a lotus countless petals. " Khalil Gibran " The Prophet "(1923) All rights reserved Button Briarwood Roger had left early Wednesday. Every one of his \\ \\ n movement was accurately calculated in every detail, as was the case with all his efforts. Roger never leave things undone. he had always followed on with everything in your life. Roger had never known defeat o disappointment. his parents always meet their needs without extravagance. in spite of being an upper middle class environment, I knew that Roger is the value of a dollarbut the price of an item was not significant. There always accepted by the material things you can do Top Lolita it, do not put means, what they cost. A car is half Transportation... nothing more. Could have been a pileup old Ford or 550th Porsche.. It did not matter Top Lolita as long as he catches it where I wanted to s to go. Roger was one of the times and that a solid gold Rolex Timex. A Guard had a purpose... , Say in the date and time... and as long as s was perfect, no need of them, more than to do No matter what kind of price they had to. Just as I had brought no material needs, had n in some way affected impulse to do something "special " in his life. Cliff had followed in the priesthood, but because he had no team motivation and Cliff Drive is shown as a child. in many ways, Roger had secretly "monkey see, monkey -do", a game that is played, while Cliff watch them grow. The only area that featured Roger ovIt was Cliff sexual. Roger was the first to learn about masturbation and how babies were made ot how the baby could stay in the market, whatever the case. that could not wait to start his best friend in his new joy. that dreamed of experimenting with all kinds of sexual acts with of her boyfriend who was close enough to his own brother. Cliff Once he had instructed in the joys of young men, Roger was to complete the life. I had no desire to go out with a girl, or even think on another child, for that matter. Cliff was everything I wanted, and he ' had' him, that was enough for the rest of his life. I had not seen Cliff if he made ​​a decision, which was for both. When Cliff felt his "vocation" to become a priest and Roger had also Cliff just assume that Roger had the same cry he had heard. Roger did not have strong beliefs in religion. He was the priest of control a his congregation on Sunday to perform tasks and think he became a priest n bEcominga doctor, lawyer or a plumber. The priesthood was only a profession, nothing more. Often, while they were kneeling side by side on a bench during a mass prayer, he saw Cliff ' moved' by something perhaps something his father had said, and Cliff would be visible \\ \\ n goose bumps between the hairs are in their arms, otherwise the eyes Cliff filled with tears. Roger did not know what had caused these things to happen Cliff, but he knew that re-create the same reactions. He n imagine the sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard, and he puts goose bumps on your arm, or else an emotional reminder of the trials time, when your dog died, and tears would well in their channels. Cliff, I felt a joy in their ministry forward that, n with Roger in his arms and eyes and smiled, knowing he had shared the same religious experience. Cliff would be angry and offended, as if he had known Roger was false. The two togethe went through school and seminarythat. Roger hoping that somehow along the way, he would feel the "spirit", but n ever did. Two months before the end of the seminar, work in different parts of the country offered. Cliff had already decided to City of Briarwood. Roger knew that the church was too small in Briarwood n hire two new priests, so that meant he would consider another church in another state, maybe. But more importantly, s means that the two of them Top Lolita for the first time in his would be separated life. Roger did not know if I could live and work without Cliff example. I never thought of literally scared the crap out of it. N Roger decided whether the two would be separated, may be n and be far enough into increasingly disturbing dreams Cliff Briarwood. Roger also not into temptation, every weekend or every visit is chance he got alone with her ​​lover in the first and only / brother. Roger was affected by the cliff of thought acceptPosition away from him. He asked, Cliff if he loved so much that has Cliff. Roger thought that the two her life she would spend together... But that was not the way things elaborate. There was a church about 1000 miles away from Briarwood, the Roger and grandfather of the participation of all the rumors that had financed. It was a great church, and if the jury, under the direction of high- Cole grandfather that could get the grandchildren of his patron by a rector, "discovered " the whole thing was pretty much a slam dunk. Once an offer has been made ​​ Roger, who had accepted. If Cliff did not want to be together, he would show n , Cliff, how happy he was with his own choice, despite the fact that Roger did not had much choice in the matter. Roger was impatient. God wanted him to hurry up and get in touch with him, but that had created a problem for themselves. Roger a straight "A" student and has been studied more and deeper than most students. N has increasingly an issue to the end or find a real answerd, because the answer came to be dogma. The more I listened to his teachers at the seminar, which is mostly priests, the more it confirms his doubts that all religions were a joke. The witch doctor in Africa or the master of voodoo in Haiti were, with all its snakes and Hocus Pocus - so sure of their faith, as the Archbishop of Canterbury became of him. Who could say that Christianity was the form salvation. Top Lolita Was it a relief... and the rescue of what... The sky?... Hell?... Really? There was no evidence... only faith. Belief is the foundation of all religions. without faith all that was inconclusive... does not exist. Judaism and Christianity could only get a bit more than 5 000 years. That's probably when the world was created with the Garden of Eden. But even the religions in the east of the garden of thousands of obsolete years. If Adam and Eve were created only after the dinosaurs then all live? Was that the term covers all... " And the earth was wiThout and void ( in the millions and millions of years)? "Roger could not understand as his master could your mind is filled with doubts and so men could go to their churches on Sunday and the worship of God there. The more I learned, or "forgotten ", the angrier he became. A simple husband ot a child could believe the Bible word for words... live....... and die to go to heaven... in the comfort of your child belief. But if the man or child had the same things instructed his ministers that he had learned at the seminar had no request for to go to heaven or the fear of going to hell. Every day, Cliff had heard the same lectures, reading the same books, , and the same controls as Roger... but Cliff had his faith to n Roger... and God does not believe in anything. Cliff accept the position in the church and the best "job" is possible and no one would notice the difference , except for him and " God" if it exists. the origin of the degreesClient in their final to Roger and Cliff the night together, for how long, " who knows? Roger had no food for them at your favorite restaurant, eating their favorite characters from the South African lobster Dick. Also the bridal suite on the hotel 's largest rental. I had had even spread rose petals on the bed with a magnum bottle of champagne side by side. Roger did not need Cliff impress, just wanted the night a something none of them will never forget. After dinner we had entered the hotel suite, he moved completely off his clothes and went to the balcony for n in the beverage ight air. were arm in arm. Roger leaned forward and kissed Cliff, does not matter if someone saw below. Let ' em! Let ' em see that two men could love , as every man and woman. Jesus! This may not be your last night together ! Roger was ready to call your grandfather and refuse to work... but Cliff is aware that God prevented him permission makes the call. Cliff wanted to believe was so happy with his Church and its cargo, its mission to the faithful to do. Roger did not That cliff on the greatest mystery of all that he knows, all... and that... Roger had faked their beliefs... The Secret never revealed to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Roger reached into the pocket of his coat and pulled out Top Lolita two small jewelry boxes black velvet. " Roger... no!" Cliff said. "We promised not to buy other graduation gifts. " N "I do not know," said Roger. "I bought us both a little. You can whether the picture... Choose one. " Cliff reluctantly slowly forward and took one of the boxes n and opened. Inside was a large multi -link chain is made ​​of solid gold with half of the s a solid gold coin of ancient Rome with a serrated edge, where broken away from his other half. " I have the other half. No good if both pieces are made together. Once connected, you can use to buy the world if they so wished. This currency againbrought to you and me, Cliff. Satan is my life without you worthless, Top Lolita , but when we are together, they can defend themselves. " Cliff eyes filled with Roger, the chain around the neck of his s. Cliff did the same to Roger and slowly put the two parts together. For now swelled and joined embraced the deepest kiss one of them had given or received. his hands reduced and fingers together, as they were s bed. Roger drew the blanket to reveal white satin sheets and \\ \\ n pillowcases. put each other only with their lips delicate touch. there was no rush in the afternoon. had traveled two over every inch of another body. There was nothing new explore or find. had become so accustomed to one another their desires and special features, it was like a person with one sex by the total of all ,. Roger was right... the two were capable of a person, but Cliff had managed to finda way to survive individually. Or at least, thought , I would have. Roger Cliff is still loved as much as ever and ever , but Cliff knew that somewhere outside their world, other people you need to teach, comfort, tranquility and advice, and many properties No one had to keep his flock. Roger, on the other hand there not given much importance to the church, he was in the administration of the n. Roger could not understand why Cliff was more than he. Why these aliens were so important, Cliff? gradually began to make love. It was different than ever before before. This could be your last time to be together forever. This idea does not cross the mind of the cliffs, and he enjoyed every word and gesture. The idea of ​​purpose in relation fear hell Roger. His fear, sadness and fear prevented him from achieving a erection. Cliff knew suspect that something was wrong and that asked about it. So Roger decided to act as an aggressor and van windown Cliff and discovering that even the familiar body once again, that Roger help conceal their inability to perform sexually correct. Six hours passed, and still in love. The night was s no end to what Roger was worried. They had taken a "time out " to open the French champagne to make a toast before the ice melted in wine fresh. " I do not think this is our last time Cliff. " Roger finally managed to say. " Why? " Cliff said. " Then you should get used to phone sex because I'm calling to Every night before going to bed. " Said Roger. " That would be nice. We've done it before and it was always with success on my end of the line. I mean" good night "to be the last thing every night before to sleep. " Cliff said. " Do you think it should be another date? " Said Roger. " I do not plan on doing. Our brothers, their votes in the Roman Catholic Church, celibacy could vote. Why not do the same... except chocolate n in the votingslightly with phone calls at night. " " Damn you, Cliff. I will miss you so much. I love you more than a me, my family or anything else in my life that matters, " " I know, my love. This is so difficult for me as it is on you. " " For two cents I would call my grandfather and tell him the deal was made, I do not think he Brockston and another person of its rector. " " Not even I believe that, Roger. There are hundreds. Perhaps thousands, , you need what you have to offer. What we have is what I loved all recent years... just do not like the way you love me. "Cliff said. " Why not call people down in Briarwood and change for their work and come with me. My church is big enough to accommodate two full priest time. " " I do not know who they are or not, Roger. But I feel that there are many people who need me in Briarwood and why God has me in its direction n. You can give people our time waiting for me in them, which has been God to give me. " " not only romantic, one of them fixed. "Roger said, , almost pleading. " You're the only one in my life that can fulfill this need of mine. No Will it ever be your special place in my heart. "Cliff said, try again to reassure his other half. Cliff was tired of the gossip. Speech was something I could do, together on the phone... but as always two of them were here together only for a whole night, it would be actions speak louder than words, because Cliff still hot and wanted to continue his physical conversation. Roger was one thing that annoying, but that was not the time talk... old grandfather old grandfather and feel the way gay. the knowledge the grandfather, had no one on either side of your family has had some homosexual tendencies. Old grandfather was liberal enough to tolerate gays but not welcome in their family. never had the slightest hint that something was going on between his greatSon and grandson the best girlfriend. One night, when Roger was about 13 years old, the topic of sex was the theme of the conference grandfather 's Eve in the table, if Roger was visiting. " And now these homosexual " was the grandfather on a roll. " To I is not right to mock a person... all kinds of gay people... contain, but I 've always thought that God made gays because they like s called, being in the same way that God made mules. Now you may wonder this analogy, but for me the most wretched and contemptible animal on earth is a mule. have passed "by chance, so it does not last no future. The mules did not mate! Can not play. Only working animals and that's all. You can not train 'em. It's a waste of time trying to. They are not good pets because they know what they tell!... Now that brings me back to " gay men". All I said is true about the mule to them. They have no plans to make history and not baBies. they have no future. Gay is the end of them. You are not no children carry on their behalf. He feels compassion for the mule s can not be avoided because, as he was born... The same applies to gay... I can not do anything if that's how they were born. I will help them to any way you can. I will be kind to them... maybe even a few gay friends... I do not want that in my family.... Do all my message? " " Yes, Grandpa... loud and clear. "Everyone at the table, replied to in unison. If Roger goes, your hands are in full agreement of his life Secret of the Patriarch. But fate or divine intervention ( Roger was not sure ), stepped in and everything changed. on Tuesday after the first Mass in Brockston Roger, the old grandfather died in his sleep. he had been waiting because he had his funeral planned to the last detail. was to be buried after a church clock 07 to 00, the first full day after his death... not much to wake up or time of grief. n the OldGrandfather, Great faces funerals were a waste of time and money, and has been made for the survivors living. He wanted the "star " for his last show, so that all attention would be on it, not by the greatest crown or crying more. He wanted neither a newspaper obituary or a notice s. He wanted a quiet place in the small private service hermitage near the main church sanctuary. His last will and testament was the February 00 clock can be read on the same day. Old grandfather lost no time in all. So early Wednesday morning, Roger held a small funeral less than a dozen people attended. Apparently no one had heard of the death of his s, or half of the city in search of discounts, which would be wringing her hands and rubbing their greedy hands. Nobody, not even Roger knew the amount of the fortune of his grandfather. no once you know where or how much wealth accumulates. Grandfather had a strong presence in all major banks in the state. If you recipientsdecided to withdraw its shares on a day when there was danger of bankrupt the country. The grandfather had. not one but several laws a companies to keep track of your money to make... So no one really knew how much she s worth it. The number rose to almost as much as the national debt. is over a billion... But how much ? No one knew. At the time the will was read, there were nearly forty attorneys have more than a dozen companies. All had two things in together. Each of them had to deliver their share of happiness and each of them the name of a single beneficiary. His name was Roger. To say that Roger was astounded when he learned of his estate, is an understatement. There was no word in Webster's Unabridged to describes their unbelief. If the financial performance was important to Roger, if he had noticed that suddenly became one of the richest men in the world. This new wealth is not discouraged at all. For him, everything thatMPORTANT was left of "work " their priests and rush to the cliff and is exactly what he did. Roger was the center, bought a brand new Lexus n to the east in the direction of Briarwood, without even saying goodbye to his congregation, of its selection committee or its members. Well, if he could get Cliff to end his work, she could ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. but he knew the wonder of Cliff was a great cliff was impossible s gone, where it was to fulfill his service to God and their children. recent weeks since moving to Cliff, when Roger found out it was a father figure to Troy, Jay, Rob, and Timmy. Roger made ​​ put it on yours, to see Top Lolita that all their wishes fulfilled. This gave him more joy I had ever known. The money was good at least for some. Cliff was so excited about his ministry and his desire to help other uses, to help Roger, Cliff no way he could. He paid the hospital bills all of Troy andthe therapy. There was Troy questions your legal defense kitty Marsden. Jay made ​​sure to have the s the best medical treatment for AIDS. Timmy was in trouble after rumor started in your school. Roger had hired the best detectives as possible in supporting him and Timmy was deleted fees. I had nothing else to help him as Rob, a divorce and do provides a place to live. There was overcrowding in the rectory n which had led to Roger Marsden Estate to buy a house and for all n of them. Maybe it was just a financial service, but Roger was looking for a target s in life that had never experienced. Maybe your money "bought " that n, , but he had a family now shared with Cliff. Roger and have had the happiest person n the earth. I had money, a family, his only love is... But it was something missing. Something deep inside him he could not explain or is even talk to Cliff. Cliff had " God" is. this wasRoger something could not believe or accept, in Cliff had an inner joy and glory, radiated from him all he met. Somehow, somewhere, he knew Roger n to the same feeling for himself or his life or his and Cliff found together, would always be incomplete. Roger did not know where to start seek. Hubbard had read "Dianetics ", which s very popular John Travolta and Tom Cruise. His audience with the Pope or the Dalai belongs Lama. School of Theology, which he had studied the Koran. Each of these religious symbols had completely different views, but each of them had masses continued to them and their beliefs. Top Lolita What, if any, was the answer he had decided to looking for? Roger , who was not his "weakness" or inability to Cliff. He has to go in search of yourself to believe in something, to find in.. Perhaps the idols of Easter Island or the Great Buddha of fat in Southeast Asia. Roger made ​​an appointment with a lawyer, Walter Clayton, seeing, Financial CliffNeeds and those of his "children", while he was gone. If s traveled the world and found that there was nothing to believe, at least the well, a closure or a response would be. He hated anything else in the world , as the idea that the person who had loved all his life, but if Cliff loved him, felt like Roger did, then understand Cliff, him time search, and welcome home with open arms, if the trip of a s it was over. He had made no specific route because I knew what location would lead to the next... or if you can find to send to your destination faster than expected, no travel plans have been made. first San Francisco goal was and points south of there, as n Monterey, Caramel, Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. During the 70's and the 80's, many people had been there, and some cults had written the love and happiness he had found there. The idea could have been a " wash", but at least was a start. Was thiss something like a of the 21 century flower child ? Why not ? Maybe I should be. Might be fun to see what Haight- Asbury appeared 30 years after their heyday. So the way to the airport, Roger sang softly, "San Francisco, here to come... " The pool party had gone better than expected. If there had been some time friction between Jay and Kyle was discharged because she had joined as n loved and lost two wives with the same husband. Troy has had a great time in the conversation with Ryan. They found in their past, their similarity has been " two lost souls. " None were in - o superior to the other side. Rob and Timmy even as newlyweds and Alex and Ted has strengthened their love and their relationship. N What were Jason and Tony, only two children, enthusiastically invited to join the crowd of adulthood. Nobody had made sexual advances, even distasteful comments of his spree. Walter loved the camaraderie of the two families combined n yhad really appreciated the views of their newly formed friendship and Cliff. All eyes focused on the remarkable change in Jeff. The child seemed genuinely 'put' to be in their exposure to organized religion. some, especially Alex, Jeff thought he was using this as an excuse for Jeff is often enigmatic reasons, but this seems to be the case when asked him Top Lolita to join Cliff at Evensong without another companion it. Jeff cliff sincerity, decided in the car on the way to test the Church , Jeff looked with open eyes of wonder and questions his new feelings. Once in the car, Jeff Inquisition began immediately. " How do I register to join? " Jeff was the first visit. " Do I need to make a commitment and payment of contributions, or what" " No, Jeff, " Cliff said, for its light entertainment "has become the only requirements n \\ \\ by a member of my church or faith n faith and sincere devotion. " " Tell me about these things. "said Jeff. " First, let me askA couple of things about you. " ' Shoot! Ask me anything. Do not lie and say that all that is in my head for as long as it is the truth. " " That is what everyone says about you, Jeff. that one is not contained when it comes to what you think. " " Is this bad? "I asked. " No, it is very admirable, but sometimes you can get a lot of problems. ? " N " What do you mean " " Well , say that you are a child to comply with overweight, you do not just come and say, ' Hey, that fat !. Although it may to be true, some things you do not can say. " " Oh, I know all about it. I used to say these things, the father of my s I said that I lacked " finesse". I do not know what he meant, and I saw the word in the dictionary and Dad was right, I have no contact. Since then I have to think about trying to before saying something, but I'm not always successful. " " This will be easier for you, you get older. " " Yes, if I live as long as Daddy says. " " What do you feel about your father and your brother? ""Both are great. My father and I are as different as two peas in pod close to. I do not tell everything... but it is always important to go , and with him talking. " " And Alex? " " Oh, I say to all Alex. He knows more of my secrets, like Dad never will be. not that I trust Alex again, Alex is not only my parents n and I will punish you for what I say. "n " you say anything Alex? "n " Everything. you know, the kind of thing brothers No talk. recently I learned that I can rely on the same Alex Ted. you know, the two is the next best thing is to marry. " " How do you know about this? for your relationship? " " at first. I used to think that just to get addicted to sex! Well, I hope you have sex with each other understand. dad said it s natural part of its growth. But then when I realized that Alex and Ted s really in love, how boys and girls her age who just decided, " why fight ", e Ted was my new brother. " " you are growing veryn and intelligent for his age, Jeff. " " I know, but I also know best, 'dumb ' moments of play. " " It makes you more intelligent, young man! " " I know that too. Well, what about the rules relating to the If a member ? " " n If you are a an Anglican, the things that is required of you to go to confession and tell all your mistakes as a priest. If I were your father, do you think he could for me n and tell me what do you like Alex and Ted? " ", I guess. I heard what you said in the pulpit this morning, and I thinks he's cool. I think I could trust you, tells you everything. " " And you do not worry, I will impose a form of punishment to you? " " No, because "they said, all is forgiven. That is, if I go out and do something wrong, all I can come to you and tell you all about n I forgive her and I'm not going to go to hell, which I did. " " Jeff, that only applies if it is a habit of making -saI sin again and again. " " You mean if I was an idiot - and I say it and won the next time I will, I'm gone? " " Well, we do not consider "straw" as a sin, as long as n is in moderation. " " What other things, " " Like what " " Blow Jobs and corn - Holing " Once Moreover, it was all Cliff could do to a straight face, while laughed. " Well, some things against the law... The church is not the law. That can be used for drinking or smoking while a child is arrested. " ", but not against the law to get a blowjob. " " is when some adults it means for a small. This is considered as of harassment or rape, sometimes it can be legal. " " But if children are in the same age, right? "N " We know that kids your age... No current experiment and provided you are not yes to a child and the child, then according to is not really a moral sin. " " Hell, I would never do something like a small child. "Jeff said. " Good, I 'm glad you did this. "Cliff was a time ". Jeff, it seems that the term " blow job to be" busy. Is n and one of your girl or boyfriend to participate in this activity? " " You are asking me personally... ? " " Yes, if you do not mind answering. " " I do not care. This is not a kind of confession, right? I mean, not do some things to me when I tell you ? " " No, what you say to your people... no one know he will. " " OK Alex knows only between us and I think that the suspects father something, but my best friend, the Earl and I met a few times and do a every one of the things of other sex. " " I guess Earl is his age and is a willing partner ? " " Oh yes, he was sixteen, like me, and more than ready. " " Is Earl, the only thing you have tried ? " " So now, but I wanted to masturbate a few times with Alex. " " Let one after another. Alex is his brother and do not know n know that the brothers who are in the vicinity that can not be some point in theirLife run a small increase in the generation of... The same is true for the count. Quick all the boys masturbate or experiment sexually with his best friend... sometimes even siblings. Psychologists have told us that "n " normal, I gotcha ! "Said Jeff, smiling pleased. when Cliff took the tour of the Church was aware of it, Walter was not a Jeff underestimate the ability to ask lots of questions openly. n " I can ask you something else, Cliff father? " " Sure. " Cliff agreed, while clutching the steering wheel firmly on the n the preparation of the next issue. " What is an altar boy ? I Top Lolita mean, what does the word " altar boy "? "N " comes from the Latin, " acolytus " and the Greek " akolouthos " as it means "followers" or "assistant. " In my case, is an acolyte, n help me with the crowd. " " I'm a little older than Tony and Jason, right? I mean, I 'm n to also be lost forever ? " " There are some prerequisites and a small amount of training is completed. " " What is the greatI confess requirement? "I asked. " No big deal, but usually has an altar boy been baptized and is now a member of the faith. Did you know you baptized? " " No, my mother told me I had to wait until he was thirteen and then, well, of his death... Then my father left, Alex and I arrived at the church, so I just never it. Alex was baptized, but before Mom died. " " If you really want on your altar or a member of San Gines ' could give you to read a book. It is called catechism. It tells you what the church believes in... and then you have a couple of questions... how to respond to a test... everyone know that you are serious about their faith. " " would all be there when I got my test? " " usually goes against the whole community into a finished product ceremony is called "confirmation", where there are confirmed, as stated in the members of the Church. " " You can not just test me privately and tell everyone that s past? " " That could be fixed, I guess... the same as a baptism. It would be good for his father, Alex, Ted, and perhaps was with you. " " Oh, that would be fine Do you think my father left me to do ? "N " I can not speak on behalf of his father, Jeff, but I'm sure if you talked to him, he could be nice... ¿ I can ask you a question now? " " Sure. " " Are you really interested in an Anglican or is more eager to learn Jason and Tony know each other better ? " " A little of both, I think. "He answered calmly. " You can have a sudden desire, like an acolyte mask to hide an ulterior motive to get to know, I have only one friend of his s, Earl, right? " " My God, Father! Are you trying to accuse me of something ? " The asked defensively. " No, Jeff, but I just wanted to make sure that your intention, , but the other idea in my mind. " " Then you do not know Jason and Tony. I mean, I was afraid that both n they were about to proposition me in the pool. I avoidedand changed the n on! I mean, they have almost everything right there in front of the Count ! " " Oh, what did he say? " ", he said that if one of them. We may be in the church every Thursday evening and had a kind of initiation, I had to go through with only two of them. " " I'm sure they were joking, Jeff, but I will have a conversation with them exactly the Top Lolita same. " " Then there is no initiation, where they eat mistake not run around the aked outside Top Lolita the church ? " " No, Jeff. I'm sure it was just a joke. " " I would have done. I do not know who has seen me naked. " " Believe me, it is not necessary! But you want to learn catechism, being baptized and confirmed, go through the training acolytes ? " I'm really, really want the church to join and be an acolyte n. The only thing with Tony, Jason and I do things happen if together? " " While out of the church and you know Top Lolita you sixteen years younger than you. " n "I think that the bedEarl and follow with kids my age. " Jeff was a real" Corker ". Cliff chuckled as he pulled n in the entrance of the church. If the small, mostly unattended, the cult had over, took Cliff Jeff and vice versa, the party was still going was. Everyone is there, including Jason and Tony. Cliff struck Walter as Jeff n and Cliff came and called Walter to meet in the study. "What is this? "Walter said. " Walter, I think you and I have to have a chat. " " Oh, my God! Do not tell me, Jeff tries to get dressed, while is gone? " " There is nothing so drastic. " " I'm always joking about it, sent to a reformatory. Think " n " I think you should send it along to a convent. "Cliff joked. "My God ! What did he do now? "Said Walter. His face was white fear. " Sit down, Walter, while sipping a drink. I'll tell you all it. " u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e \\ \\ n Three weeks later, Walter, Alex, Ted, Kyle, and Ryan visited as hopeful supporters, was a private ceremony in the office on Church Cliff. Jeff was baptized, went his catechism, and was confirmed to the parish of San Gines '. On Sunday, Jeff helped Tony and Jason help on the floor. Cliff hear three of them to comply with the plan to go the movies on the following Friday night... s something about a feature "triple. ' (To be continued in" Briarwood "--- Book Three - " Briarwood Lost " Chapter - 29) n Ritchris Copyright 2005.
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Изменяй свой сайт, так как тебе этого хочется! То что ты видишь - это просто шаблон, чтобы показать тебе возможности нашей системы. Ты можешь изменить все (дизайн, тексты, изображения и пр.), легко и просто!

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Наша онлайн помощь содержит ответы на многие вопросы.


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